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Essay "a View from a Bridge"

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A view from the bridge essay help as the college thesis

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Throughout the play, Eddie becomes less and less of a strong alpha-male, who is in control of the members of his family. Firstly, at the start of the play the audience gets the idea that Eddie is a strong man, as he works in a tough neighborhood and in the docks moving crates.

This makes his character appear as the most powerful person in the play, this opinion is then lost as Beatrice shows that he is not in control his sexual life at home. It also shows his character as one who is a liar as he said that his word meant everything to him, but then he goes on to lie straight to his wife. Arthur Miller shows this by writing: It also shows that Eddie is not as strong as perceived as all he could when faced by a threat can do nothing but watch on.

This in turn shows that two of the main aspects of a traditional Italian man are not present in Eddie, making the audience wonder if he still has control. Thirdly, the audience can tell that Eddie is no longer a dominant man, as he looses his self-respect, by sexually assaulting Catherine and kissing Rodolfo on his lips. So his self respect and his reputation in the society are destroyed, leaving only one way out for a proud man like Eddie, which is to accept the fact that he is no longer an alpha-male and to try to return everything to the way it should be.

Evidence of this is in Act 1 page 14, when Eddie discusses the event when Vinny Bolzano snitched on his uncle. This is emphasized when he says: The lines also present Eddie to be committed to keeping reputation, because the act of snitching to Eddie seems like an act of mental incapability, and thus shows that Vinny has lost his respect and reputation in the society. Eddie also believes that his word is more valuable and precious than that of his money, which most people in his society would kill for.

This includes when he says: In the beginning of the play Eddie shows his love for her in a manner that seems father-like and protective. This is shown when he tells her: Also the fact that Eddie says that he is responsible for her gives the audience the sense that Eddie possesses the love of father towards a daughter, and to add to that he goes on to say that she is a baby, which implies that he thinks of her as a daughter.

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- A View From the Bridge by Arthur Miller INTRODUCTION In this essay I will be exploring the Key Scene from 'A View From The Bridge', written by Arthur Miller and I will be expressing my thoughts on the importance of this scene to the play as a whole.

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Jun 18,  · A View From The Bridge Essay Help??? My essay title is Discuss how Arthur Miller presents the themes of love justice and the law in 'A View from the Bridge'. Any help would be useful, best answer will get the 10 Resolved.

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Samples papers play a major role when writing an essay on any topic. Actually, by going through a well-written and non-plagiarized essay sample, you will ascertain more on how to format a view from the bridge essay. You will also ascertain more on the tone to use and the finest language to fit your essay. Essay: 'A View from the Bridge' by Arthur Miller In the play ‘A View from the Bridge’ written by Arthur Miller, the character of Eddie Carbone changes drastically, due to a .

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Marijuana legalization paper. In choosing a lo define organizational culture, and view a from the bridge essay help when cohesiveness is the function y. The play "A view from the bridge" by Arthur Miller centres's around the Carbone family who live in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The play focuses on the events leading up to and the arrival of two immigrants, Marco and Rodolpho, whose later presence cause several family disputes that ultimately lead to Eddie's tragic and ironic death.