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In Oliver Twist, discuss the character and role of Fagin.

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❶Oliver is then led in to meet Fagin.

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Older people may commit crimes committed by those in younger age groups. His conscience bothers him after he is condemned to hang. He does have a wry sense of humor and an uncanny ability to understand people. Brownlow - A generous man, concerned for other people. A very respectable looking person with a heart large enough for any six ordinary old gentleman of humane disposition. Bill Sikes - A bully, a robber and a murderer.

He is an ally of Fagin. Fagin plans the crimes and Sikes carries them out. He is compares to a beast. A stoutly built fellow with legs that always look like they are in an unfinished and incomplete state without a set of fetters to garnish them.

He wants to destroy Olivers chance of inheriting their fathers estate. Monks is a stock villain, lurking in shadows and uttering curses with a sneer. He lacks family love and moral upbringing. He is a tall, dark blackguard, subject to fits of cowardice and epilepsy. Nancy - She is the hapless product of the slums, the pupil of Fagin, and the abused mistress of Sikes.

Although she is a prostitute and an accomplice of crooks, she has the instincts of a good person. Rose Maylie - On the surface, Rose is very different from Nancy.

Both were orphans, but Rose grew up secure and protected. She is compassionate to Oliver, but unlike Nancy, rose is innocent of the evils of the world.

Dickens makes clear that she is a pure flower. She steals the locket and ring that holds the key to the oprhans identity. She left home in shame and died when her illegitimate son was born. Sowerberry - An undertaker; He accepts Oliver as an apprentice mourner.

Noah Claypolea - Charity boy. He is employed by Fagin, under the alias of Bolter, and spies on Nancy. He ends up as a police informer.

Bet - Her full name is Betsy. Fang - A police magistrate and represents the worst abuses of judicial power. A lean long-backed, stiff-necked, middle-sized man, with no great quantity of hair.

She cares for Oliver and provides his first real mothering, when Brownlow rescues him from Fang. Toby Crackit - A house breaker who works with Sikes. Dickens wanted the laws changed to help he poor and also wanted children to be treated.

In Victorian times the attitudes towards Jews were extremely negative, Jews were viewed as the lower class. Dickens also appears to have this attitude as he describes Fagin in a very negative way.

The area around where Fagin lives is also dreadful; Dickens uses his language to describe the area in a very dreadful way. Dickens describes the area where a Fagin life as the worst place Oliver has ever seen. This is a bold opening and immediately tells the reader the place that Oliver has been taken to is not good.

The area where Fagin lives is extremely disgusting and Dickens wants the area to reflect the same as the Jew, Fagin. He also describes how the people act in the area: Dickens wants the reader to get a accurate feel of the atmosphere in this area, the description of the area also gives a build up to Fagin. He also stereotypically describes the Irish in this descriptive paragraph. The Irish in those days were viewed as being, like the Jews, lower than the rest of society. They were viewed as the drunken and one of the worst types of people in those days.

Dickens uses the Irish to give the reader another dimension of feeling into the area, the reader knows because the Irish are there the place is bound to be bad.

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Jan 16,  · Need help with Oliver Twist Coursework. Basically, One of the questions we are due to be asked is how does Charles Dickens create sympathy for Nancy in chapter 47 of Oliver Twist. I am struggling to find examples, as nothing I have read is creating sympathy for Nancy, it's just showing how evil Sikes and Fagin Resolved.

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Dec 07,  · Oliver Twist Coursework Help. Bob Jensen s Year New Bookmarks Editions for July 1 thru Spetember 30, Archives nbsp; Windows Breaks Microsoft issued a strong security warning and urged users of all Windows operating systems to apply a critical patch.

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Aug 25,  · OLIVER TWIST - GCSE COURSEWORK? Does anybody have any tips on writing this essay (how do the characters treat Oliver and the other children in the early chapters of OLIVER TWIST, and what effect does this have on the reader?) THANKS X I HAVE READ THE BOOK! JUST WANTED TO KNOW IF ANYBODY HAD ANY TIPS . English Coursework – Oliver Twist. In the novel Dickens makes his personal opinions well known. He felt very strongly that the laws were unfair for poor people and that the way children were treated in those days were also extremely dreadful.