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❶Two cars cover the same distance in a straight line. What we could find:

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Using a simple triangle, we find that it is: This wants us to find the maximum height of the arrow. Plug these values into a chart for y-components: This will help find the maximum height.

Now with t, we can solve for y, the maximum height. The max height "y" that we solved for only tells you how high from the starting point it is. So you must add 10m to get the total height from the ground. To solve where the arrow lands, work in x-components. Remember that acceleration in the x-direction is 0 in this case. In this case, you must find the final velocity in the x and y direction, just before it hits the ground, and use vector addition to combine them.

Its almost like part A, but in reverse. This time you are beginning with two components, and ending with a vector. You ask the questions, our tutors make sure you understand the answers. Find an AP Physics B tutor.

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Physics homework is one of the most difficult ones because you are to understand the subject, have strong analytical abilities and know piles of formulas to do it correctly. Our employees are true pros in the field of figures and rules so that they will give you an adequate help without hesitation.

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In terms of challenging courses, AP Physics is one of the toughest. Don’t go at it alone. AP Physics 2 homework help is here. Make it through the semester with the grade you want by connecting to expert tutors the moment you need help. Help With Physics Homework Physics is the subject that shares a knowledge essential to understand how the universe functions. It is an interesting field where new discoveries broaden the horizon of the mankind and the knowledge of people.

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Now is the time to redefine your true self using Slader’s free College Physics for AP Courses answers. Shed the societal and cultural narratives holding you back and let free step-by-step College Physics for AP Courses textbook solutions reorient your old . You can also get help from a tutor on physics labs and lab reports and review practice problems for upcoming tests. High School & AP ® Physics Our physics tutors help high school, college intro and AP ® Physics B students complete physics homework, prepare for tests and understand key concepts, including.