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Other planets also revolve round the sun. All the other eight planets, asteroids, comets and the sun together called as solar system.

This planetary system or solar system is located in the Milky Way galaxy which consists of stars, gas and dust. Again the Milky Way is a member of few dozen galaxy collection called the local group and the local group is a part of collection of thousands of galaxies referred as vigor super cluster. All these are said to be ass local universe which is a part of the universe.

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Hit a particularly tricky question? Bookmark it to easily review again before an exam. On which day of the year does the Sun reach its northernmost point in the sky?

Which of the following stars will be the North Star in 12, years? During summer above the Arctic circle the Moon cannot be seen. The day with the smallest number of daylight hours over the course of the year for a person living in the southern hemisphere is the summer solstice June 1 vernal equinox March 21 winter solstice Dec.

The seasons would remain the same. Summers would be warmer. Winters would last longer. Winters would be warmer. Summers would last longer. Summers would be colder. Winters would be shorter. Winters would be colder. Summers would be shorter. Earth is closer to the Sun in summer and farther from the Sun in the winter. Earth moves with a slower speed in its orbit during summer and faster during winter. During which season in the Northern Hemisphere could you see the Sun rising from the furthest north?

Using the figure below, which constellation of the zodiac would be nearest to the meridian at midnight in mid-September? Using the figure below, which constellation of the zodiac would be nearest to the meridian at 6 m. Using the figure below, which constellation of the zodiac would be nearest to the meridian at 10 m.

Scorpius Taurus Pisces Aquarius Leo Using the figure below, what time of the day or night will the zodiac constellation Gemini rise in March? Six months later, you go outside to find the stars in exactly the same position in the sky as when you and your friend viewed them.

What time is it? Assume you can see the stars at any time, day or night. In regard to the phase of the Moon, the term waxing means less than half-illuminated. If tonight the Moon is in the waxing gibbous phase, in 3 days what is the most likely phase of the Moon? If there is a full Moon out tonight, approximately how long from now will it be in the third quarter phase?

Which of the following is false? Everyone on Earth observes the same phase of the Moon on a given night. The phases of the Moon cycle with a period that is longer than its sidereal period. In some phases, the Moon can be observed during the day. The observed phase of the Moon changes over the course of one night. A full Moon can be seen on the eastern horizon at sunset.

If you see a full Moon tonight, approximately how long would you have to wait to see the next full Moon? What time does a third quarter Moon rise? Earth must rotate so an observer can see the Moon. Earth moves significantly in its orbit around the Sun during that time. At which of the possible times below could the waxing gibbous moon be seen rising? If a person on Earth currently views the Moon in a waxing crescent phase, in what phase would Earth appear to a person on the Moon?

Earth speeds up in its orbit when it comes closest to the Sun. How often do leap years occur? A purely lunar calendar is not ideal for our modern world because leap years are more frequent.

In the figure below, at which position must the Moon be located in order for a lunar eclipse to occur? During a lunar eclipse the Moon can appear red. This is caused by the moon glowing red. A type of eclipse in which the Sun appears as a bright ring is called a total solar eclipse. Approximately how often do lunar eclipses occur? If the observer sees a star directly overhead at 10 m. Consider an observer located on the equator. If the observer sees a star directly overhead at 8 m. How far above the horizon will it be or will it have set?

On what place s on Earth can you stand and have the celestial equator be at the same altitude for all degrees of its circumference? Draw a dome representing the visible sky. Label the horizon, meridian, zenith, and each of the four cardinal directions north, east, south, and west. From what latitudes on Earth is it impossible to view the center of our galaxy?

What latitude on Earth would be the best for observing as much of the celestial sphere as possible over the course of a year? If you are standing on the equator and shoot a cannonball directly north, where would you expect it to land? What is the point on the celestial sphere where the ecliptic crosses from below to above the celestial equator called?

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Study Plan Learning Goals By the conclusion of this chapter, you should be able to: Explain the roles of the four processes that shape a terrestrial planet’s surface. 21st Century Astronomy, Fifth Edition April 20th, 21st Century Astronomy, Fifth Edition.