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Five (5) facts about benzodiazepine withdrawal (you need to know)

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Live a Sober Life Again - Call Now for Treatment Options.

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Monochorionic Monoamniotic Twins - High Risk Pregnancy

I do prefer the local thrift store if I do have to buy some amazing deal. How will you handle gifts? I told my mother in law, no clothing. She bought me a shirt with a gift receipt. Hmmm, interesting question on the gifts. Your mother-in-law sounds exactly how my mother treats Mr. She just loves him so much, she has to send him stuff: This gets the shopping splurge out of your system and still allows the money to purchase them or even wear them a time or two before they are sold.

I certainly try to sell back anything I get rid of, but, I tend to keep clothes for a realllly long time. My emotional spending is triggered by the latest technology. I just have to have it. I think technology is Mr. Glad you like my finds! I refuse to torture him, myself, and the general public by taking him clothes shopping. He is a very effective recreational shopping preventer.

I love that coat so much. You still spent money! Haha not that I wear rags, but I just stick with the same things over and over — I go for the timeless look: So I think you should have a side hustle where people pay you to find cute clothes at thrift stores. I stopped buying clothes about a year or so ago. My goal this fall is to get through the couch-to-5k program.

I started it last year, but it got too cold to continue outside. No excuses now that I live in the south. I really need to get in shape! I would love to take people thrift store shopping! But I think my potential client base would probably be too frugal to pay me. I actually hate new clothes shopping—the best part about thrifting in addition to the deals is not having to try a million things on. I really enjoyed the couch-to-5K thing I did it up to the 10K level.

You have a great sense of style! Congratulations on deciding to buy no more clothes. Like you said, no reason to buy more. Definitely keeps the spending down, but I could use a new dress and a new pair of ballet flats as mine officially have holes in them now. I love my Target ballet flats pictured above.

Check out the Apt. Good luck and let me know if you find anything! FW I love all your outfits! Your thrift stores must be of high caliber.

You have a great eye for putting things together. Another good thing to do sometimes is tailor or reconstruct a piece. I bought one of those broom-stick maxi dresses about 10 years ago that was a great green linen piece from J. I have since shortened it and then put in darts to fit it so I could update it and continue to wear it. Keep up the good frugal work! Thank you so much! My sewing abilities are limited to repairing things and minor hemming.

We do have some old, old clothes that I keep meaning to take to goodwill—maybe I should try to teach myself tailoring instead! Fail to that will really lead you to breaking the rules you set for yourself. Hope this will come a long way and be a success. Seems to me that once Frugal Baby starts incubating, some maternity clothes shopping might be in order? Oh Al, why do you have to be the voice of reason ;? I hate buying clothes so it is really easy for me to avoid the situation altogether.

I only shop for clothes when I absolutely have to. I base my clothes spending on need first. Plus, I have four kids to clothe. They take up most of the budget and are in need more often than I am. I hate going shopping, period. I just want them to magically appear in my closet.

They never go in the dryer. Every time I pull out that lint screen, I just see my clothes disappearing. So everything air dries so that I get as much wear as possible out of them. We air dry most of our clothes too. Such a key part of making them last and saving energy! Thanks so much for stopping by! I kicked my clothes buying habit several years ago. You have some super-cute thrift finds! I actually enjoy thrifting for my daughter way more than I do for myself!

Good for you on kicking the habit! I had to buy new clothes this summer for work. My old ones were looking ridiculous after this last baby. I did commit to doing it all through consignment, though. For money and green reasons. Have a post coming up about it soon. I am nowhere near to as thrifty or as frugal as you are for clothing but I felt the same disinterest lately.

Blogged about it too. I bought a bunch of stuff at that sale—the gal selling was my exact size and had great taste. Ok sis, you got me. But ask, go ahead, ask what other links are open on this very computer upon which I type?

I am currently pretend-spending hundreds of dollhairs on gorgeous non-mom threads. Except for kids clothes. And then natch only from the thrift store. I do need to send some pics of the turned-around items. And most of the sewing notions come from the…you guessed it- thrift store! I love you frugal-sister. Thanks for commenting sis.

I kinda hate shopping and I had a no shopping year in Yeah, my current job is very laid-back on the dress code front. I usually wear jeans twice a week! Pleasant departure from my previous job, which required jackets or blazers bleh! One thing I used to do, back when I lived in Chicago, is my girlfriends and I would have clothing swaps. So we would all bring over a big bag of clothes we wanted to get rid of and some wine, of course , and then go through each others clothes.

Anything nobody wanted, we would donate. Great way to refresh and clean out your closet! Obviously it works best if you can get at least 4 or so women roughly the same size…. Way to go on limiting your clothes purchases! When I tried to read, my eyes caught another outfit and so it continued. I kind of have the opposite issue— I strongly dislike shopping and all of my clothes are too big.

Glad you enjoyed my thrift clothes: Too big is better than too small!! If I wore every single shirt in my closet one day at a time I would have enough for three months without washing. Now most of them are t-shirts, but they just collect and collect over the years. I never ask for any but they just compile between work, giveaways, birthday and christmas.

Sometimes it would be nice to just be simple with our fashion sense like a little kid before we start to worry about what everyone else thinks about our clothes. Such a brilliant and true statement! Marketers love to manipulate using that tactic!

Costco is the real standout here. And I still buy stuff. And I kick myself for it. Especially good on you for recognizing that staying at your weight will keep wardrobe expenses down. I have been on that roller coaster and still have some of my larger clothes just in case came in handy post-baby, actually. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing! Those outfits are darling! I am also a thrift store maven. I love a good deal can one get a high off of good deals?

No more frumpy days for me! I found an online consignment shop that is basically like the cream of the crop after a decade of thrift store hunting, but all in one place and for prices like you mention above. But that is how I came to find this blog entry and others like it — how to not buy clothes. I have to read it when I get to search to browse this magical shop online.

So which brings me to my question, did you really not buy any clothes in ? Greetings fellow thrift store maven! Not clothes shopping has simply become another frugal autopilot aspect of my life. Good luck to you in your own anti-clothes crusade.

And, kudos to you for selling unneeded stuffs! I hopped over to your blog from becoming minimalist, and finally, a blogger that resonates with my struggle with clothes. I love clothes too. It was honestly a struggle not to buy anything at first, but as time went on, it truly became easier.

I wish you the best of luck and thank you so much for reading and commenting! You can do this! Will you be doing it again in ? I was also wondering if you purged your closet at all going into the year without buying or did you start with everything you have?

My closet is stuffed with thrift finds and I feel that I need to purge just to get started, but at the same time to be able to go a year without any new clothes maybe I should keep what I have! Thanks for the inspiration. I did indeed make it all through and am doing the challenge again in —so far so good: New to the frugal woods, but love the philosophy. I am going to buy no new clothes for a year, also no new books for a year this actually might be harder for me have enoug of both to sustain me.

Thank you so much for reading and commenting—glad to have you here: And, it has been great. It made me realise how much clothes I have, and I try to circulate and wear everything in my closet now. More importantly, this lead to me asking, why do I need dining out money? We offer a limited warranty, including free revisions, and the rights to request a refund. We use an SSL Bit encryption to protect your personal info and payment details.

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